Things to Do before Renting an Apartment

Renting an apartment is one of the best ways to find your own place to live if you are priced out of the housing market, especially in city areas. Renting is by far a lot less complex process than buying a house. However, it still involves a number of things that could prove overwhelming to potential renters. That’s why you should be aware of the following:

Calculate All Costs

Different landlords charge rents differently. Some may charge a single rent each month that includes utility fees, trash removal, and similar charges. Others may charge for services separately from the rent. Therefore, the long-term cost of you living in an apartment should take all fees into consideration, if they are broken down in some manner. Don’t go by rent alone and always keep an eye out for additional charges the landlord may charge you each month.

Understand the Upfront Costs

You will have to pay a security deposit before you even move in. The generous landlords only charge a month’s rent as the deposit. However, depending on the type of apartment and the neighbourhood, you may have to pay a security deposits that are as hefty as a year’s rent. If you are still on a limited budget, paying a security deposit may eat into your finances. You may even have to take out a loan to pay it. You should consider if the apartment is really worth all that trouble and make sure the upfront costs, just like the rent, is affordable.

Have the Apartment Professionally Examined

Of course, you would check out an apartment before you bought it. But while you are busy looking at size of the rooms and the floor plans, you may not notice the signs of mould or pests on the property. You would need a professional pair of eyes to spot these issues. Therefore, similar to the home buying process, hire a local building inspector Morphett Vale to thoroughly check out the apartment.

The professional would be able to look for signs of pest infestations and mould. Some inspectors look for meth contamination as well. You can also hire a professional to look for structural issues that may potentially put you at risk.

Do Read the Lease

Should you decide to rent an apartment, the landlord will provide you with a lease or a contract for renting the apartment. Do read this contract from the first page to the last. This is a legal document that stipulates your living conditions at the apartment. Make sure the landlord is not hiding any additional fees with clauses in there. You may also want to look up clauses for rental increases and conditions of eviction. It’s highly recommended to show this contract to a solicitor to make sure it protects your rights as a tenant.

Pay Attention to the Neighbourhood

You may think you can live in peace at the apartment. However, apartment life is notorious for neighbourhood problems. You may encounter problems with other tenants, usually due to noise, that may not indicate the ideal rental life you planned. Therefore, when looking around for rental apartments, make sure the neighbourhood is pleasant.

The above suggestions should help you sort out renting in Australia and avoid obvious problems that might occur in the future.

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